Mum and daughter create app to teach kids their ABCs


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M for Me ABC started as a rainy weekend project with my 3 year old daughter. She was enjoying typing letters on my computer and I wanted an app that would encourage that interest to help her learn the alphabet and expand her vocabulary.

Many existing apps used words and sounds she wasn’t familiar with and were a little over stimulating with bright primary colours and flashy animations.

“I wanted her to see she could be a creator of apps, not just a consumer. We built M for Me ABC so every child could have that experience.”

I wanted to make an app that she could help design, with content that matched her interests and was nice to look at. I had a goal of keeping the design simple and minimal so letters take centre stage.

Together my daughter and I decided on a word for each letter and recorded her saying each word. We started with photos and emojis for the images, then the amazing Nicole Reece did some illustrations for us.

“Within 3 days my daughter was recognising letters on street signs. We knew it was from the app as she would point and say ‘R for Robot’.”

We had lots of interest and positive feedback from other parents, children and educators. We went through many iterations with a dedicated group of testers to make the app as simple and easy to use as possible. There were many things to consider - we needed a font where a lower case L was easily distinguished from an upper case I. We had to find a way to make recording easy so there was no editing needed, (we decided on a count down that became intuitive the more you used it). Over a year of work has gone into making this app the best it can be.

M for Me ABC is now on the app store so any child can start learning the alphabet using their own words, photos and voice.


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M for Me ABC
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